What is Cool Python Codes All About

If you ever wondered:

“Where can I get the best Python tutorial with examples, free source codes to download, Python interviews with experts etc?”, you’re in the right place.

Cool Python Codes is where beginners in Python and top Python developers turn for fun things to do with Python.

My easy to understand Python tutorials and cool Python projects for beginners is why my email newsletter list is growing rapidly.

And my contribution to the Python community is likely why Cool Python Codes attract a huge amount of traffic.

How Cool Python Codes Helps You Learn Python Effectively

Most so-called “Python developers” say: “The best way to learn Python is to read the official Python documentation.”

If only it were that easy…

I learned the hard way that there is a lot more to reading Python documentation and Python books.

And that’s where Cool Python Codes comes in.

This blog is where I share my experience that I’ve gained over my past years of learning Python programming. I will also share interviews I had with the experts and inspiring stories of programmers that have changed our world.

No fluff or crappy tutorial without projects or fun things to do with Python. Just up-to-date information, and Python projects for beginners and developers.   

I will also share interviews I had with the experts to guide you and provide you with more information about Python programming.

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About Rapture Chijioke Godson

Cool Python Codes was founded by Rapture Chijioke Godson, an internationally recognized Python developer, and blogger.

He started learning Python around 2014 and He created Cool Python Codes to teach the lessons he learned along the way.

Since launching Cool Python Codes in 2016, Godson quickly made a name for himself by publishing cool Python projects for beginners in his tutorials.

Cool Python Codes is now one of the most popular Python programming blogs online.

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