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Meet One of Nigerian Youngest App Developer.

Meet 15-year-old Chiziaruhoma Ogbonda, one of Nigerian’s youngest app developer.

He just finished his secondary school education and is preparing to write his Post UTME examination for admission into a Nigerian University.

This hot prospect has published 3 Apps on Google Play Store already.

He just built an app for his first choice University( University Of Nigeria Nsukka)- UNN Mobile.

I think he should be admitted without any other assessment.

What amazes me is that he is already obeying some principles and methodologies the so-called experts take years to master.

In his words,

“I mean I still can’t believe it I set my mind to do it and in less than 2 months learned how to use external libraries and lots more I think I’m now a PRO oh lol”

The future of our tech Ecosystem is bright.

With solid mentorship and a supportive environment, this genius will go far.

See app screenshots below, check it out and test this recent app for him.

Calculate you CGPA with UNN mobile appUNN mobile app screenshot - Meet One of Nigerian Youngest App Developer.UNN mobile app screenshot1 - Meet One of Nigerian Youngest App Developer.UNN mobile app screenshot2 - Meet One of Nigerian Youngest App Developer.

He has developed other apps like WeFish, Vitax Messenger.

Below is a video describing his Vitax Messenger app.

Interview with one of Nigerian’s Youngest App Developer – Chiziaruhoma Ogbonda.

Chiziaruhoma Ogbonda is Nigerian youngest app developer

Good day, Chiziaruhoma Ogbonda, welcome to Cool Python Codes. Thanks for being here, it means so much to my community.

Could you please kindly tell us about yourself like your full name, hobbies, nationality, education, and experience in programming?

My Name is Ogbonda Chiziaruhoma, I’m a Nigerian, and I’m currently in 100Level Electrical Engineering at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, I have 4 years experience in web development and 3 years experience in Mobile development mostly Android and Hybrid, Python and AngularJS. My hobbies include gaming, playing the piano, listening to music and some sporting activities.

Can you narrate your first programming experience and what got you to start learning mobile app development?

My first Programming experience was when I was around 12, I took up batch programming, using CMD interface, wrote, games, problem-solving algorithms, and many other programs, then I began researching on programming languages before starting my research on mobile development.

Well, when I saw some apps I was motivated and intrigued, mostly some Nigerian made apps, I always said to myself,

“I could do more and better”.

So I began researching into mobile development then chose the android track and began my journey from there.

What were your challenges when learning how to develop apps and how were you able to overcome them?

For every advancement you make you encounter problems, many at times it was the configuration of the IDE, Compilation of dependencies could cause the build to fail leaving no trace to where the real problem was from, I resolved to checking online for solutions and found that on each and every case if you search diligently you will get a solution to the problems, at other times it was bugs in my code, sometimes little changes in my code and the app would crash, then I”ll have to go back and start an intense debugging, which may include restoring the project to an earlier date and comparing the present code to the working version, but in each case some problems cannot be solved instantly, some may take days, months, sometimes I even leave the project unattended to for weeks, but when I finally go back, I surprisingly solve the problems.

 How did you learn to develop apps?

Learning to develop apps wasn’t quite a problem, there are so many websites that teach it, many YouTube videos, and there is StackExchange, they help a lot with regards to problems encountered while coding, and also Github, the biggest online repository for coders, helped to infuse more knowledge in me.

Finally taking up some course at Udacity and also the Andela ALC 2.0 2017 was very helpful.

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How do you see app development in Nigeria especially among the young?

I see it as growing field in Nigeria, Many youths are now delving into it, and I see Nigeria as a hub for the next generation of Mobile content creation.

Which IDE makes you more productive?

Android studio is my top choice.

Do you intend starting up a tech company?

Yes, I do.

Will you still develop apps while in school?

Yes, I will continue making apps while in school.

Do you see mobile app development as a passion or as a career?

I see it as both a passion and a career.

How to connect with Chiziaruhoma Ogbonda

Connect with Chiziaruhoma on Twitter by just clicking on the tweet button. Click To Tweet

You can also reach him on Instagram @iam_zfinix.

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It was nice having a conversation with Chiziaruhoma Ogbonda, I hope he inspires you.

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